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Dr. Sonal Dalal and her employees collect data through a variety of means including but not necessarily limited to letters, phone calls, emails, voicemails, and online submissions, that are either required by law or necessary for client onboarding.

Financial and/or medical information that you provide to us in writing, online, on the phone (including information left on voicemails), contained in or attached to applications, or directly or indirectly given to us, is held in strictest confidence.

We do not give out, exchange, sell, or disseminate any information about clients who inquire about or actually receive our services. Such information is considered personal protected information and is confidential. We understand that sharing such information is restricted by law, except as allowed by a signed Release of Information Authorization.

Personal information is only used as is reasonably necessary to provide you with health or counseling services which may require communication between Dr. Dalal and health care providers, pharmacies, insurance companies, and other providers necessary to verify your medical information is accurate and determine the type of services you need.

Dr. Sonal Dalal is compliant with HIPAA regulations. You may contact our office at (973) 635-2290 to learn more about our privacy policy and how we collect, keep, and process your private information in accordance with these laws.

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